SCSRT Annual Performance Plan for 2015 -2016

SCSRT Annual Performance Plan for 2015 -2016

The deputy secretary- general of the Supreme Council for Science, Research and Technology Policy making (SCSRT), announced the annual plans of SCSRT.


Dr.Abooyee Ardakan said in his interview with SCSRT website that the secretariat is following to establish an integrated system for monitoring and evaluation of the overall status of the country’s scientific standing from national, regional and international points of view. He also announced that a communication network among the experts in the field of science and technology assessment and monitoring is under development. Dr.Abooyee added that promoting the cultural concepts of S&T monitoring and assessment, are among SCSRT priorities for the year ahead.

He also pointed out that a management subsystem for national mega projects is being devised along with a quality monitoring subsystem for such projects and both will be implemented soon. “Other subsystems that are being devised and implemented are knowledge management & auditing subsystems for national mega projects”, said Dr.Abooyee.

Pointing out the implementation of a subsystem for intellectual property and a subsystem for legal aspects of national mega projects, he declared that developing expert committees to provide the required content for the working groups, establishment of a conducting committee for organizing national mega projects and planning for educational mega projects are some of the main plans of SCSRT for the year ahead.

The deputy secretary general of SCSRT also said that the secretariat will work toward establishing and expanding more special zones for science and technology through capacity building in provinces to host such zones.  Dr.Abooyee declared that: “Previously ratified permits for establishment of special S&T zones will be carefully supervised and led by SCSRT”.

He also said: “developing futures studies in different fields of science, research and technology are one of the goals of the council. To that end, determining research priorities in different S&T fields and building expert networks in S&T branches via expert panels or social networks are among the steps that will be taken toward this goal.

Dr.Abooyee stated that developing international cooperation in different fields of science and technology with other countries and international organizations is also one of the top prioritized plans of SCSRT secretariat in the year ahead.



Jun 2, 2015 13:54
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