Vice President of Nupharo Science and Technology Park meets with Deputy Secretary General of SCSRT

Vice President of Nupharo Science and Technology Park meets with Deputy Secretary General of SCSRT

Ms. Jana Ryslinkova, vice president of Nupharo Science and Technology Park of Czech Republic who has come along with an economic delegation to Iran met with Dr. Abooyee, deputy secretary general of Supreme Council for Science, Research and Technology, on 6th of September 2015. In this meeting both sides exchanged Ideas. This meeting was held following the visit of SCSRT delegation from Nupharo Science and Technology Park.

While expressing pleasure of her presence in Iran Jana Ryslinkova said, co-operation in science and technology between Iran and Czech Republic could be developed more than ever. She also introduced Nupharo Science and Technology Park and said; this park is the largest science and technology park in Czech Republic that works in the field of smart energies.
She explained the specialized backgrounds of science and technology parks in Czech Republic; some science and technology parks work in a particular field and some of them work in several specialized fields and in general, some of the parks in Czech Republic have incubator centers. Those parks that do not have incubator centers are often located in other organizations and the government helps them.

Jana Ryslinkova expressed the difference between industrial parks and other parks; the parks that do not have incubator centers usually have defined relationship with universities, while industrial parks are often established by cities, municipalities or organizations like them. She added; the purpose of establishing industrial parks is job creation, while the purposes of establishing science and technology parks are technology production and development of universities.
Referring to financial incentives to companies active in the field of research and development, the President of Nupharo Science and Technology Park said; institute of Czech Invest is the main institute in Czech Republic that invests on international projects. In fact, the government has allowed this institute to provide incentives to relevant organizations for foreign investment or capital absorption.

Referring to the fact that in Czech there are two rows for accessing to public funds Ryslinkova said, tax exemptions and grants which guarantees scientific projects are Methods to support scientific and research organizations in Czech Republic. In continuation, she said about the types of grants; there are two types of grants in Czech Republic, one comes directly from the government or funds from EU that is considered for Czech Republic. EU donations can be expend in foreign cooperation and investments in Czech Republic.

The vice president of Nupharo Science and Technology Park expressed the way of requesting these donations; initially the request is set by the applicant and is sent to the government of Czech Republic or EU. After that the necessary decisions can be made and the result of the decision is announced to the applicant company. She added; now 150 Grant support payments are provided to the qualified applicants in Czech Republic.

Ryslinkova explained the necessary indicators of awarding grant to the applicant company, the applicant companies should have physical presence in Czech and this presence should have output or create employment. She expressed that the amount of financial supports of Czech government that is paid to the applicant companies covers between 30 to 70 percent investment costs and other expenses are paid by the applicant company. Of course, universities are exception to this rule and the government pays 100 percent of their costs.

Ryslinkova explained the models of company’s accessing to public funds in Czech Republic, she said; generally there are three models to enter, the first is “joined company” in which everything is divided between the company and the government and the government supports it from the beginning. The second model is “export manager” in which the company will do all of the activities and is the export agent of the country in Europe and the third model is “joined integer” in which the company is located in the incubator center. She added; for Czech government those companies are interesting that European markets define their markets and their products are exported to the EU and they will be a partner of EU in the interest of goods.

In this meeting the representative of Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) was also present. Mr.Arfa’a introduced the department of Science and Innovation Parks working under the deputy of Science and Technology of MSRT. He added that hopefully, MSRT Innovation Parks and startups working with them are ready to work with Nupharo to be promoted for entering the European market. 

At the end of the meeting both sides expressed their hope about transfer of knowledge and technology process and transfer of capital to Iran by delegations of Czech Republic and other European countries companies interested in investing in science and technology fields.

*Nupharo is a business park and innovation center, featuring rental space for a diverse group of companies – from technological start-ups to the largest multinationals.

It is the first business Incubator and innovation Campus dedicated to promotion of Direct Current (DC) and Smart Energy.


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