Penalties for organizations not providing performance report on their research credit

Penalties for organizations not providing performance report on their research credit

Iran's Management and Planning Organization will consider fines and encouragements in allocating annual credits for administrative organizations.


Secretariat of science, technology and research Supreme Council (ATF)- According to the decisions made in 19th meeting of ATF supreme council in relation to research credit performance report of administrative units, a workgroup established including minister of science, technology and research, health , treatment and medical education minister, deputy of science and technology and the management and planning organization. 


This workgroup will examine and evaluate the research credits performance report of administrative units included in paragraph M of the Fifth Development Plan's Article 224 and ratification of this group, the report will be considered to be approved by ATF Supreme Council and would be sent then to Islamic Consultative Assembly.


According to this decree and with the notification of the President, the management and planning organization would decrease up to 20% in credit allocation as penalty for units which had not provided their report and for those who cooperated properly, will apply up to 10% increase in credit allocation as encouragement. This decision would be based on ATF supreme council report and considering the cooperation of companies in providing reports.


The 19th meeting of ATF supreme council was held in the month of Ordibehesht in the office of the first vice president.

Mar 4, 2017 08:38
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